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Largest coatings company in Iberia and 16th in Europe

CIN focus its activity on production and sale of paints, varnishes and related products

CIN focus its activity on production and sale of paints, varnishes and related products


Hours of annual R&D work


M² of productive area


Tonnes of manufacturing capacity

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Mission and Strategy

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In 1917 CIN brand was first used by a newly founded company.

Foundation of Companhia Industrial do Norte, SARL.


Years of experience


Years of leadership


Leadership in Portugal


Iberian leadership


Business areas

CIN operates in 3 main market segments:

Architectural Coatings

Paints and varnishes used in construction such as buildings, houses, apartments, stores and warehouses. These products are widely available and are used by professionals or individuals to decorate and protect façades, interior walls, doors, windows and frames and other wooden and metal structures.

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Protective Coatings

High performance paints and varnishes for the protection of equipment to keep it in good working order and well-kept for long periods, even when exposed to rough conditions, such as maritime, chemical and urban environments. The most common equipment is metallic or concrete based structures such as bridges, stadiums, service stations, wind turbines and various industrial facilities.

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Industrial Coatings

Liquid or powder paints and varnishes for use in industrial facilities in the finishing of various wood, metal, plastic and glass products.
The most common products in this segment are aluminium window frames, garage doors, blinds, street and garden furniture, packaging for cosmetics, gas bottles, household appliances, solar panels, poles and other lighting solutions, lorries, buses, trains, bicycles and motorcycles, office and store furniture, tractors and forklifts, musical instruments and personal protective equipment.
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The best solutions with the best team


Manufacturing Units

In Portugal, Spain, France, Angola and Mozambique


R&D centres and Laboratories

Where about 150 specialized technicians develop the CIN products of tomorrow.

Where we are in the world

CIN in the world

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