The main success factor is people


Active management and in support of each area of the company

CIN’s Human Resources are its main success factor and differentiate and add value to the company.


Integration and development process of Human Resources

Professionals who join CIN have an integration plan and, through a process of skills management, acquire new knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis.

Integration Process

New professionals carry out a programme to enable them to get to know the areas related to their duties in detail and, in a more superficial manner, those of the organization as a whole.

Skills Management

Each duty has a framework of skills and a suitable level of proficiency specified for this. From time to time, the proficiency level of an employee is compared with the reference framework, to indicate any training needs.

Continuous training

Based on the previously identified training needs, a continuous training plan is structured to allow the acquisition of the right set of skills and proficiency levels for each job, as well as knowledge and/or tools.


To attract and keep the best Human Resources

CIN is always open to welcome the best professionals in the market. Send us your CV or check the vacancies.


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Training hours

Spontaneous Applications

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