• 17.07.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

New formula for XT CRYL 100 with improved opacity

“High Opacity” Stamp and improved applicability

  • New formula for XT CRYL 100 with improved opacity

CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, presents a new formula for XT CRYL 100, a 100% acrylic paint which is ideal to protect and decorate façades. Recognized by its favourable applicability, XT CRYL 100 underwent a formulation improvement with regards to viscosity, now achieving even better results in all characteristics, specially opacity, and thus receiving the “High Opacity” stamp.

The new XT CRYL 100 formula presents an increase in viscosity at high sheer stress, which results in improved applicability of the product with a roller. Viscosity at rest is also superior, as well as viscosity at lower sheer stress, which gets increased and improves paint spreading and levelling, i.e., its opacity.

Cost-effective and available in medium and pastel colours, XT CRYL 100 is a matte smooth water-based paint which is easy to apply and opaque, highly resistant to weathering and with a high exterior durability and resistance to the development of fungi and algae.