Smart Factory Project

Project Sheet

Smart Factory Project

Project No. 24285


Support under the Non-SME Enterprise Incentive Scheme

Name of project: CIN - Smart Factory for Innovative Coatings


Total eligible cost: €7,061,298.30

EU financial support: €3,183,074.15


Project overview: Implementation of the concept of “Smart Factory” in Maia plant, making use of network connected and controlled methodologies and technologies, to provide high levels of automation, efficiency, precision and reliability.


The introduction of these concepts implies a holistic approach which considers alterations throughout all the production stages, including:


- Re-engineering the flow of materials throughout the value chain, including the creation of dedicated channels;


- Endogenization of state-of-the-art, more intelligent and efficient productive technologies;


- Greater integration between physical systems and digital systems, within an Industry 4.0 logic.