• 08.08.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN launches DRYLOK EXTREME against saltpetre

Innovative waterproofing for interior walls and façades

  • CIN launches DRYLOK EXTREME against saltpetre

CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, launches in the Portuguese market DRYLOK® EXTREME, from UGL, a heavy-duty primer to treat walls and façades with saltpetre. DRYLOK® EXTREME creates a barrier which is impenetrable by water, resisting the development of fungi. It has a proven efficiency in protecting against the effects of moisture, visibly renewing the look of the affected surfaces and improving the respiratory health of the inhabitants.

DRYLOK® EXTREME has a proven efficiency in extreme conditions, because it deeply penetrates the surface pores and creates a barrier which stops water entry. Tested in accordance with the strict ASTM D-7088 standard (which measures the hydrostatic pressure resistance) and the ASTM D-6904 standard (which measures the resistance to rain driven by wind), DRYLOK® EXTREME resists a pressure of 15 PSI (higher than a 10 m high water wall).

DRYLOK® EXTREME contains encapsulated flexible polymers, producing an excellent waterproofed finish. It was especially formulated to resist the development of fungi in the dry paint surface, slowing the occurrence of saltpetre and humidity stains. It is therefore the ideal primer for interior and exterior walls above the ground or buried: basement walls, retaining walls, concrete blocks, cement blocks, plaster and bricks.