• 12.09.2019
  • Lisboa, Portugal
    Lisboa, Portugal

CIN launches new edition of workshops to “change your home without changing homes”

New CIN workshops already have a date

  • CIN launches new edition of workshops to “change your home without changing homes”

CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, once again encourages the Portuguese to transform their homes with another series of free workshops north and south of the country.

Between September and November, CIN shares its centenary knowledge through workshops for transforming spaces, focussing on three main training areas: wall painting, colour advice and furniture painting.

These CIN workshops aim at boosting the development of the participants’ individual skills so that they can get a professional result from the small works carried out in their homes.

CIN Workshop Calendar 2019:

  • September 21 – Wall Painting Workshop at Loja Vetejo, in Lisbon
  • September 28 – Colour Advice Workshop at Loja Vetejo, in Lisbon
  • October 19 – Furniture Painting Workshop at Loja Vetejo, in Lisbon
  • November 16 – Furniture Painting at Loja de Leça da Palmeira, in Porto

Wall Painting - Essential tips

  • With this free workshop, participants will learn how to adequately prepare a wall (repairing, sanding, applying primer before painting), as well as tips and suggestions to personalize the wall to your taste.


Colour Advice

  •  CIN offers an exclusive and innovative colour consulting service with a qualified Colour Advisor (colour specialist) who, during the session, will advise on the most suitable colour choice for each project. These sessions have an associated cost of €50 which can be discounted in its totality in purchases at CIN stores. Aside from this personalized recommendation, all participants receive the colour tools needed to carry out their dream projects: Take Home Chips (colour cards with real application for home testing), 2 TESTITs paint testers with the colours suggested during the session) and catalogues for additional inspiration.


Furniture Painting - Essential tips

  • Preparing the furniture for painting, selecting the right primer, knowing the various types of finish and discovering tips and suggestions to personalize furniture are but a few of the skills that participants will be able to acquire during this workshop. In a simple and quick way, this workshop enables you to move from imagination to action, bringing new life to dull furniture.

All CIN workshops require a compulsory registration at deco.cin.com, valid only after CIN’s confirmation e-mail, subject to limited places. Participants must register on the dates and times most convenient to them.

Another initiative from CIN to help people to “change their home without changing homes”.

For more information, go to deco.cin.com or https://www.facebook.com/TintasCIN/