• 11.01.2017
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN products chosen as the best choice for consumers and professionals in 2017

CIN Award-Winning Brand

Congratulations are due to CIN products in the New Year!

Cináqua was recognized for the third consecutive year by professionals in the Paints category as the “Professionals' Choice”.
For the second year, the Nováqua HD paint, also by CIN, received the “Professionals' Choice” award and was also voted “Consumer Choice”.
And VinylClean paint was also widely recognized by consumers with the award of “Consumer Choice”.

Cináqua is an extra matte paint for interior walls, which disguises any small imperfections and shows good opacity, having obtained the highest classification (A+) for interior air quality.

Nováqua HD (High Durability) is one of CIN’s star products thanks to its innovative characteristics – it was developed to withstand adverse weather conditions, nocturnal condensation, fungi and algae, and it has become an unsurpassed paint, as shown by the various tests it has undergone.

VinylClean is a super-washable matte paint for interiors which makes walls look as if they have been freshly painted every day without any glare or marks.
This is the CIN paint which is truly resistant to stains as well as the imagination of children!

With these accolades, CIN is starting 2017 with its products being recognized for their quality and innovation, by both consumers and professionals who choose and use CIN brand products and paints on a daily basis.

The “Consumer Choice” is a system of assessing the level of consumer satisfaction that requires the main brands in each consumer category to be evaluated so that the result is representative of these.
Carried out by ConsumerChoice, this study includes consumers of both sexes, who, using a home use methodology, carried out the respective assessment of the attributes considered most important in the choice of a paint.

The “Professionals Choice” is a system assessing the level of satisfaction and acceptability of products and services in terms of their individual attributes, with the guarantee that these are always assessed by professionals with current consumer experience and according to specific satisfaction criteria.
Also coordinated by ConsumerChoice, the population of this study is made up of professionals who use the respective products and are representative of the relevant distribution channel.