• 25.05.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN participates in the remodelling of the centennial Lello Bookshop

CIN, the Portuguese company which is the Iberian leader in the paint and varnish market and is present in various international markets, was the brand of paint selected for the recent remodelling carried out on the centennial and renowned Lello Bookshop, in Porto.

The first phase of the restoration work started in April and will last for two months.
The bookshop will remain open to the public, closing only for two days to assemble the scaffolding.

After assembling the scaffolding on the exterior part of the building and with the Bookshop open to the public, the ‘graffiti writers’ Mr. Dheo and Pariz One produced a live painting on canvas which will be the temporary façade of the Lello Bookshop during the restoration phase.
The painting of Mr. Dheo and Pariz One intends to be an artistic reinterpretation of the façade of the Bookshop and fulfil a practical function which is to cover the scaffolding used in the exterior area of the Bookshop.

The large stained glass window with the motto of the Lello Bookshop will be removed from the area and restored for the first time since its inauguration, 110 years ago, as well as the neo-Gothic style façade of the building, which also shows a fading of its figures, as well as aspects which also require intervention work.

During recent months CIN, in partnership with the Management of the Lello Bookshop, has taken on the commitment to actively contribute to the remodelling of the façade and the interior of the building, allowing it to be faithfully restored to its original state and returned to the city and the thousands of interested people who visit it daily.
CIN has always been the brand of paint selected for requalifying works at the Lello Bookshop.

In addition to these intervention works in the building, a “Walk of Words”, in partnership with the Books Quarter, was also constructed, with the aim of promoting the celebration of language and literature in which CIN has also been actively involved. For this project, the Lello Bookshop challenged its fans to leave a word of their choice on its website, defining the city of Porto and representing the Bookshop and Literature, with the aim of making a physical crosswalk in the corridor area which connects the Bookshop to the ‘Shelter ‘”, in Porto.
In total, there were more than two thousand contributions, either anonymous or from personalities of Portuguese or various nationalities, which provided a dialogue between the past and the future and which enabled the “Walk of Words” to be inaugurated on World Book Day, on 23 April. The second stage of the remodelling of the Lello Bookshop is planned for next winter and during this time the space will be closed.

CIN is an innovative Portuguese company with practically one century of history which sees the urban and social renovation of cities as the construction of identity for a community.
As such, the importance that colour has in CIN’s work is shown in its capacity to give life to a historic building or a location by making it a space for art, culture and life.

CIN has been the brand selected to participate in major works to requalify historic spaces and buildings involving great visibility among the Portuguese.
These invitations do indeed flatter us, but above all they motivate us to continue the work we have been doing throughout our almost 100 years of history.
Being able to be associated with the re-qualification of the Lello Bookshop, a historic monument in the city of Porto, visited daily by thousands of Portuguese and foreigners is a source of real pride for CIN”, stated Marcos Castro, Head of Marketing at CIN.

CIN has been the brand selected for the intervention and renovation of public spaces and iconic buildings, such as:
- Repainting of the Rua Cor de Rosa, at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon - Cais do Sodré Association and the Lisbon City Council;
- Urban and social renovation of the historic centre of Lisbon - Renovar A Mouraria Association;
- Upgrading and painting of several buildings in Brussels: the building of the new headquarters of the European Commission, the Toison D'Or, located on one of the most famous arteries of the city (Avenue Louise), as well as the “Chambon” Building, in the centre of Brussels, the offices of the VSE building company (Eiffage Group) and the Generali Brussels building;
- Recuperation of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre, a Monument of Public Interest with 91 years of history located at the centre of the city of Lisbon, through the creation and development of the original colours of the building.
- Lello Bookshop, considered one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world, which forms part of the tourist routes in Porto. It is visited daily by more than three thousand people.
You can see the video on the construction of the Walk of Words HERE