• 16.05.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN involved in the renovation of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre

Creation of the original building colours Donation of more than 6 thousand litres of CIN paint

CIN, the Portuguese Iberian leading brand in the paint and varnish market, present in various international markets, was one of the brands which actively contributed towards the recuperation of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre, a Monument of Public Interest with 91 years of history located at the centre of the city of Lisbon, in Avenida da Liberdade.

During the last four years CIN, in partnership with the Restoration Consultant of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre, has committed to developing the original colours of the building that would allow its recovery and thus return the Monument to the city and the Portuguese.

In total more than 6 thousand litres of paint were donated for the renovation of the building. However, the great challenge for CIN in this project was developing and recreating the original colours of the building so as to maintain the façade of the Tivoli BBVA Theatre as close as possible to its historical origins.

”It was with great pride that we accepted the challenge from UAU and were able to actively contribute towards the recuperation of a National Monument such as the Tivoli BBVA Theatre.
After partnership work which lasted almost four years, we can say that the objective was achieved and that the building was finally returned to the city and to the Portuguese totally renovated and reborn”, affirmed Marcos Castro, Director of Marketing at CIN.

CIN is an innovative Portuguese company with practically one century of history which sees the urban and social renovation of cities as the construction of identity for a community.
As such, the importance that colour has in CIN’s work is shown in its capacity to give life to historic building or location by making it a space for art, culture and life. "CIN continues to be the brand chosen for works of great magnitude and importance, which shows the recognition of the quality of our products.
However, this project has a peculiarity. In addition to donating paint, CIN fulfilled the challenge of recreating the building's original colours.
And this is a requirement which reflects the innovation which characterizes the of CIN", the responsible person concluded.

CIN has been the brand selected for the intervention and renovation of public spaces and iconic buildings, such as:

- Repainting of the Rua Cor de Rosa, at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon - Cais do Sodré Association and the Lisbon City Council;
- Urban and social renovation of the historic centre of Lisbon - Renovar A Mouraria Association;
- Upgrading and painting of several buildings in Brussels: the building of the new headquarters of the European Commission, the Toison D'Or, located on one of the most famous arteries of the city (Avenue Louise), as well as the “Chambon” Building, in the centre of Brussels, the offices of the VSE building company (Eiffage Group) and the Generali Brussels building.

Tivoli BBVA Theatre, Monument of Public Interest with 91 years of history

The Tivoli Cine-Theatre was opened on 30 November 1924, and has always maintained its characteristic multi-purpose room to present artistic creations in the various areas of culture and entertainment.

After being closed for years, and under threat of demolition to make way for a hotel, it was acquired in December 2011 by UAU, a private national company producing shows, with the support of the BBVA bank, which gave it its name, and it is now called the Tivoli BBVA Theatre.

Over the past four years the Tivoli BBVA Theatre has put on around 1,025 shows for a total of 484,000 spectators, to which can be added numerous private events and their participants.

Without interrupting its programming, and in accordance with a careful plan of action, recuperation, maintenance and building and infrastructure modernization works were carried out. These were part of a 2 million euro investment, which was exclusively private, to which was added the contributions of many institutions, companies and private individuals, without whom this adventure would not have been possible.

BBVA, Arsuna, CIN, Comprojecto, Sanitana, Siemens, Revigrés, LG, Nobilis are some of the companies which responded to the challenge of UAU and which will definitely be associated with the recuperation project of this National Monument.
Lisbon City Hall and the Santo António Parish Council understood the importance of this section for the city and joined in the support for its recovery.

Noteworthy among the major interventions are the renovation of the chairs in the room, the new modern dressing rooms, a rehearsal room, new stage equipment and a goods lift with direct access to the stage, new public toilet facilities and the recuperation, which has already been praised by technicians, of the original decoration, paintings and woods.
However, the building has also taken on a new momentum with the creation of a new public space on the first floor, with a capacity for around 300 people, where a program complementary to that of the larger auditorium is planned, as well as hosting various events such as the presentation of new products and shows.
Ninety one years after having started its career in the world of show business, the Tivoli BBVA Cine Theatre has been reborn for the city.