• 03.05.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN launches new water-based acrylic coating to fully protect concrete

Recommended for protecting structural elements in concrete and cementitious mortars, such as bridges and viaducts.

CIN, the leading Portuguese brand in the paint and varnish market, and which is present in various international markets, has just launched a new C-CRYL W680 MATT coating to fully protect concrete.

This new coating has a low level of VOC, is permeable to water vapour, has low permeability to carbon dioxide and water, and displays good adhesion. his product is fire retardant and available in a wide range of colours, in unlimited amounts and in the Colormix 3G fine tuning.
It can be used on concrete or cement surfaces, or as a finish for water-based intumescent paints.

he 12-680 C-CRYL W680 MATT allows you to obtain a matte finish in protecting structural concrete and cementitious mortars for repairing and finishing. It displays good finish and opacity even in roller applications. The new water-based acrylic coating to fully protect concrete by CIN has the EC Marking, since it meets the requirements of Standard EN 1504-2.
This is a product that complies with the principles of protection against Ingress, Moisture Control and Increasing Resistivity.

CIN is undeniably a benchmark in the coatings market, and the new product is the result of a continuous investment by the brand in Research & Development in service to this segment.