• 21.03.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

2016 Colour of the Year on the International Day of Colour

Verdigris is the CIN Colour of the Year. It represents sophistication and relaxing energy throughout the house.

CIN, the Portuguese Iberian brand leader in innovation and the launching of colour trends, present in various international markets, is marking the International Day of Colour being celebrated on 21 March, with the presentation of the CIN Colour of the Year.

Verdigris (E706) is the 2016 Colour of the Year, a historic tone which is being presented as the trending colour of the season in interior decoration and is guaranteed to make the difference.
Verdigris (E706) is the name given to the blue-green pigment produced by copper oxidation. It is a transversal tone which oscillates between green and blue, expressing the benefits of both colours. It is balanced and timeless, combining perfectly with completely different environments, including wood, marble and metallic elements, as well as with geometric shapes. Verdigris (E706) adapts to all types of decoration, from a rich sumptuous environment to the most subtle and relaxing. This is the ideal colour for your children's room as it evokes nature, plants, water and hints of air. It is contemporary, classic and sophisticated, and plays a full part in current trends.

Which colour will you paint your day with?

To commemorate the International Day of Colour, which is being celebrated on 21 March, CIN has, along with the newspaper Destak, for the fourth consecutive year, launched the “Which colour will you paint your day with?” campaign to challenge the Portuguese to colour their day.
On this date, copies of the newspaper Destak will be distributed in full colour, with CIN bags, a pencil with the CIN Colour of the Year, Verdigris (E706) and a drawing to colour. Street activities will take place in various points of the two cities, thus creating a colourful and fun atmosphere in which everyone can participate and celebrate this date with CIN.

According to the CIN Director of Marketing, Marcos Castro, “CIN is using this activity to try and raise awareness of the Portuguese to the importance that colour has on our lives and the way that colour influences our state of mind.

We want to paint the International Day of Colour Verdigris, the 2016 trending colour, a colour which represents sophistication and which transmits a relaxing energy throughout the house.”

It should be noted that the International Day of Colour, institutionalized by the Portuguese Association of Colour, is an initiative discussed by the international community which seeks to uphold the importance and influence of colour in different cultures.

CIN, an innovative and pioneering company in launching colour trends for more than 16 years

CIN is a pioneer in launching Colour Trends and it has launched its Catalogue of Colour Trends every year since 2000.
For 16 years, unique and exclusive colours have been making homes more and more special and personal.
The CIN brand is a benchmark in the national and international paint and varnish markets, constantly in high demand amongst the more demanding consumers and professionals.

Last year the brand introduced ChromaGuide, an exclusive tool aimed at professionals in the area.
It is a colour block presenting 1650 colours exclusive to the CIN Group.
Colours that are 100% new, inimitable and totally non-existent in the market.
Also available online, this tool was designed to be simple to use and, above all, very functional and indispensable for all colour professionals.
It enables professionals to choose and view colours by type, shade, catalogue page or to find a combination suggestion, view it in fullscreen or share it on social networks.

“Painting before Painting”, an exclusive service from CIN totally dedicated to selecting colour, within the brand's stores, is an excellent help for the task of choosing the tone which best combines with the space and which appeals to the consumer.
“Painting before Painting” is an aggregating service which assembles all the tools, know-how and colour solutions that the CIN brand makes available to its Customers. It makes it possible to discover, create, simulate, photograph, combine and test CIN colours, even before deciding to paint.
It brings together different tools such as Colour Catalogues, Colour Cards, Take Home Chips, Test It, Match It, Colours Simulator and Colour Spy.

Also available online is Cindecor, a blog about decoration, which aims to inspire change in renovation in the home. With ideas, suggestions and tips to renovate the house in a practical and simple way, Cindecor presents current trends in decoration, with all the online tools the brand provides to help a decision-making process to obtain the ideal colour.(www.cindecor.cin.pt)

CIN maintains a close relationship with its consumers on its Facebook page, which now has more than 110,000 fans.
Here, it is possible to find decoration suggestions, new launches, various promotions, hobbies and the main news about the brand.(www.facebook.com/tintascin).