• 15.03.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN renews corporate identity

Reinforcement of brand values and new positioning suitability

Innovation, rigour, solidity, safety and trust are the values of the CIN brand which are now better represented in a new logo which also includes our experience obtained throughout almost a century which, in a subtle way, underlines the transparency with which CIN acts in its business areas and in the way it relates to the market and its stakeholders, not only at the national level, but also on the three continents in which it operates.

According to José Luís Magalhães, Corporate Brand Manager at CIN, “the updating of the CIN logo has resulted in strengthening the brand's image and values, as well as coming much closer to the consumer.
This is not just a simple graphical update, but rather a conscious change in accordance with the revitalization which CIN needs, taking into account the way in which it is positioned and perceived by the market”, he concluded.
It should be remembered that the Portuguese paint and varnish brand is present in more than 12 countries, is the Iberian leader and one of the fifty largest in the world.

The renovation of the corporate identity, carried out by the marketing team at CIN, and by the communication agency “A Transformadora”, has resulted in a new logo based on an evolution in CIN lettering which has, now, acquired more modern and harmonious forms.
The use of the three colour strokes which for years were part of the previous identity, but which already were showing their age and, at the same time, showing themselves to be inadequate for the current positioning of the brand.

The change of image already began at the company's headquarters and surrounding buildings and the implementation of the new corporate identity is now underway in stores, communication media and vehicles, among others.
In a following stage, this will be implemented in the remaining countries where the brand is present.