• 25.01.2016
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN products distinguished with six awards

Brand receives five distinctions for its Cináqua, Nováqua HD, Inspira Zero COV, VinylMatt and VinylClean paints. ChromaGuide website given Bronze Medal at the 2015 Marketing Awards, from the magazine Meios & Publicidade

The innovation and quality of CIN paints were once again distinguished.
This time with six Awards, a recognition both from consumers and from professionals. The paints CIN Cináqua and Nováqua HD were recognized with the Professionals’ Choice Award and the paints Inspira Zero VOC and VinylMatt with the Consumer Choice Award.
In addition, the paint VinylClean was also awarded the Prize for 2016 Product of the Year.

The Professional Choice award evaluates the degree of professional satisfaction and acceptance in relation to a particular product or service, helping them when making choices.
The paints tested from CIN and assessed by professionals were Cináqua and Nováqua HD which were highlighted due to their “ease of cleaning”, “ease of application” and “resistance to washing”.
This study is coordinated by ConsumerChoice, and the population of this study is made up of professionals who use the respective products and who are representatives of the relevant distribution channel.
Note that the Professional Choice and Consumer Choice awards assess the degree of professional and consumer satisfaction and acceptance in relation to a particular product or service, with the aim of helping them to make an informed purchase.

The CIN paints analysed by the consumers were Inspira Zero VOC and VinylMatt, highlighted due to their quality (the number of coats required, paint yield, no peeling or discolouration - “suitability for the surface to be painted” and the “type of finishing”.
Also carried out by ConsumerChoice, this study includes consumers of both sexes who, using a home use methodology, carry out the respective assessment of the attributes considered most important in the choice of a paint.

In turn, the paint VinylClean was the brand chosen for the 2016 Product of the Year Award, in the Paints category.
The Election of the Products of the Year is carried out through a market study, using a base of 2300 consumers, representative of the Portuguese population, who test products based on innovation, use and satisfaction inherent to such use.
The main mission of this Prize is to promote innovation and competitiveness.

In addition to these Awards given to CIN paints, the brand also saw its ChromaGuide website given a Bronze Medal at the 2015 Marketing Awards, from the magazine Meios & Publicity, in the “Construction” category.
The ChromaGuide was the only website to be awarded in this category. The Marketing Awards M&P recognize the best marketing strategies, campaigns and decisions which could make the difference for brands and companies, and which therefore contributed to how well they are known and their growth. The second edition of the Marketing Awards M&P featured 32 categories in the competition, grouped into seven major categories Sector, Media, Public Relations, Social Responsibility, Events and Sponsorship, International Markets and Innovation).