• 26.09.2017
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN: Everything's been changing for a hundred years.

CIN, Iberian leader in paints and varnishes, is celebrating its 100 years!
The Portuguese brand that emerged in 1917 has resisted wars and revolutions, has renewed and expanded itself, internationalized itself and has continued to innovate to this day.
Thousands of employees, customers, suppliers and partners, have all contributed to the construction of the history of a Portuguese brand which is also present across borders.

For CIN’s CEO, João Serrenho "We are a legacy, a future.
This century of history would not have been possible without all those who have contributed to transforming a small Portuguese paint factory into the 2017 innovative and dynamic CIN, which remains solid, sustainable and prepared for the challenges of the future.
The principles of responsibility, ambition and innovation which have made it possible for us to reach this point will surely continue to guide us in the next 100 years."

CIN works every day to improve processes, anticipate needs and develop efficient and environmentally friendly products. CIN operates in three major segments of the sector:
Construction, Industry and Anti-corrosive Protection.

Currently, CIN is one of the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes in Europe and a reference worldwide, with production assured for 10 factories located in Portugal, Spain, France, Angola and Mozambique which distribute to around 40 countries throughout the world, employing more than 1400 professionals.

In 2017, CIN celebrated 100 years with a presence in Portugal, Spain, France, Angola, Mozambique, Turkey, Poland and Mexico.