• 11.10.2017
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

12 new tones mark the 2018 Colour Trends

CIN presented the 12 new colours which represent the Colour Trends for 2018 and which complement the “Color Revelation” catalogue.
12 new colours inspired by the force of nature, including the sophisticated and mysterious colour of the year - Amethyst #E723.
Chosen to reveal the beauty of the house and its walls, they join the four collections - Neutral Revelation, Red Revelation, Blue Revelation and Green Revelation - 12 new colours which promise to mark next year.
Inspired by the indomitable force of nature in its purest and wildest state, this 40-colour catalogue has been adapted to next year’s trends.
Each collection has 10 tones with shades of water, atmosphere, minerals and soil, that is, with the tones of our house, planet Earth.

With the launch of these 12 new colours, this emblematic collection has become even more versatile, enabling everybody to create their own combination of colours.
When we decorate a space, the choice of colours is one of the most important moments and, for this reason, we are continuing to develop totally exclusive colours, made to measure for all those in love with their homes”, explained Céline de Azevedo, Colour Designer at CIN.

In the 2018 edition of the Colour Trends Catalogue, the range with colours, materials and textures that convey purity, in search of balance and serenity, Neutral Revelation, presents 3 new tones:
Hygge Grey #E715, Lava Stone #E716 and Causeway #717.
The Red Revelation collection highlights the new colours Rose Breeze #E718, Canyon #E719 eTurmeric #E720. Oceanic peace and the relaxing blue of the sky which characterize the Blue Revelation collection are reflected in the new tones, Glassy Blue #E721, Navy Blue #E722 and Amethyst #E723, the Colour of the Year.
Finally in the collection which pays homage to chlorophyll, photosynthesis and the countryside, GreenRevelation continues to transmit the green of plants, forests and growth with three new revitalizing colours:
Malachite #E726, Sage Green #E725 and Succulent Green #E724.

With these new colours, CIN remains at the forefront, being the first and only national paint company in the Portuguese market to design new colourful, inspiring suggestions for the house every year, but not only.
CIN’s Colour Trends are a reference in various markets, with CIN continuing to respond to its most demanding consumers and professionals.

In addition to its iconic Colour Trends Catalogue, CIN provides a website which specifically shows this new collection of colours from CIN and where you can learn more about this topic: www.colorrevelation.com