• 21.03.2018
  • Porto, Portugal
    Porto, Portugal

CIN Celebrates International Colour Day

Competition captures the colour of the most colourful moments of the Portuguese

  • CIN Celebrates International Colour Day

For the sixth consecutive year, CIN has its International Colour Day.

With colour in its DNA, CIN is celebrating this event by inviting everybody to take photos of a moment in which colour is the main visual player, through a major communication campaign in partnership with RFM: “Colourful Moments” Challenge. The aim is to collect the greatest number of colourful photographs of Portuguese life, to create a chain of positive and colourful memories. 

In the collected images, to be sent to diadacor@cin.com, the aim is to identify one or more colours from the CIN 2018 colour trends, available at www.colorrevelation.com and then to write a creative phrase or title.  The two winners of the competition will be announced on "Café da Manhã" on RFM on 21 March.


"CIN could not fail to mark International Colour Day -  it has been focusing on the importance of the day since the creation of the brand. We have been launching colour trends for 16 consecutive years and ChromaGuide, a catalogue of 1650 colours, is already a national benchmark.  We created the “Pintar antes de pintar” (Paint before painting) service to help customers address the difficulties in the process of painting their homes by providing a set of tools to help them choose colours: catalogues, TESTiTs - 250mL paint samples for testing colours on small areas - Take Home Chips - cards with real paint applied - the COLOURiT App - which can be used to take a photograph and identify the closest CIN colour - among others, to take colours suitable for all spaces and personalities into Portuguese houses” says Marcos Castro, CIN's Marketing Director.


CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the paints and varnishes market, operates in several international markets and is a benchmark in the Civil Construction, Industry and Corrosion Protection markets.