• 17.04.2017
  • Porto, Portugal
    Porto, Portugal

“Painting before Painting” with CIN is easy!

CIN present at NorteShopping until 25 April

The new CIN stand “Painting before Painting” which will be present in the central NorteShopping Square until 25 April, is promoting colour and painting as an act of renovating spaces.
With this activity, the Iberian market leader in the paint and varnish market can show all its visitors that painting with CIN is very easy.

“Painting before Painting” is a service which assembles all the tools, know-how and colour solutions that CIN makes available to its customers.
With this new stand, the brand is seeking to provide continuity to the activities which have confirmed CIN as a specialist in colour.
Throughout the activity, the “Painting before Painting” space will always have a CIN technician present and at the weekends, from 16:00 to 19:00, a CIN Colour Adviser will also be present that the visitors can make use of free colour counselling.

Discover, Create, Simulate, Combine and Test: these are the challenges to which the service “Painting before Painting” is responding.
To get started, simply take inspiration from the CIN catalogues and discover the available colours that you like best.
If you wish to be more daring, you can also bring the most original colour that you can find (in a book, in a piece of clothing, etc.) and create it in the CIN space.
After choosing your colour, and in order to be certain that it is perfect, you can simulate how it will look in the spaces you intend to paint with the help of the brand’s Colour Simulator.
“Painting before Painting” also includes colour cards to help you match the colour of your walls with your decorations.
But what you really want to do is test it?
Just take a TESTiT paint sample that you like best and try it out on your wall.

According to Sónia Moreira, Brand and Communication Manager at CIN, “the main aim of CIN’s involvement in activities of this kind is to reinforce the closeness of the brand to its consumers, and to position CIN as a specialist in painting.
With the “Painting before Painting” service we are once again making a difference in fostering a close and interactive relationship with our customers and potential customers, by providing them with innovative experiences”.
Until 25 April, painting with CIN is easy in Porto, in the central square on floor 0 of NorteShopping.