• 20.06.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

Artilin 3A Mate is the only anti-insect paint approved for sale in the European Union

Up to 5-year effectiveness of Artilin 3A Mate paint proven by an independent body

  • Artilin 3A Mate is the only anti-insect paint approved for sale in the European Union

The effectiveness of ARTILIN 3A MATE paint, the only anti-insect and anti-mite paint approved for sale in the European Union, has been proved by tests conducted by Laboratoire T.E.C., showing that “3A Matt retains complete insecticidal effectiveness on panels applied 5 years ago”.

Artilin 3A Mate is the only insecticidal product with proven effectiveness of at least 5 years.

Tests performed by Laboratoires Phycher Bio Développement show the non-toxicity of Artilin 3A Mate to humans and warm-blooded animals, while the A+ rating for Indoor Air Quality ensures that this paint does not release toxic elements into the atmosphere.

Tests now conducted by Laboratoire T.E.C. prove the effectiveness of 3A Mate against various insects: German cockroach (Blattela Germanica), oriental cockroach (Blatta Orientalis), housefly (Musca Domestica), stable fly (Stomoxys Calcitrans), yellow fever mosquito ( Aedes aegypti), common mosquito (Culex Pipiens), malaria mosquito (Anapheles Gambiae), dust mites (Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus), bedbugs (Cimex Lectularius e Cimex Hemipterus).

Pedro Cerquinho, Head of the Artilin project, states: “These tests prove the effectiveness of Artilin 3A Mate paint on the main insect pests and the great durability of this effect. It is thus a decisive factor in the strategy to combat vector-borne diseases spread by mosquitoes, particularly malaria, zika, dengue fever, yellow fever and others, thereby helping to reduce the public health risks caused by these diseases.”.

He also points out that "Artilin 3A Mate is also effective in getting rid of mites, which helps to improve the quality of life of asthmatics, which are sensitive to these microscopic creatures. This is why Artilin 3A Mate is recommended by the Portuguese Asthmatics Association.

3A Mate is already on the market in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil, Panama, Saint Martin, Guyana, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Togo, Burkina Faso, Mali, Cape Verde, Tahiti, Martinique, India and other countries. For other markets the product can be ordered via email export.artilin@cin.com