• 19.06.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN is awarded Laus de Ouro 2018 for the Color Revelation project

At the prestigious ADG-FAD awards in Barcelona

  • CIN is awarded Laus de Ouro 2018 for the Color Revelation project

CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the coatings market, was honoured with a "Laus de Ouro" for the excellence of its Color Revelation website, where CIN Colour Trends for 2018 are showcased. The ceremony for the famous Laus 2018 Awards (ADG-FAD) was held in Barcelona - an initiative that for 54 years has promoted professional excellence in the area of Design and Visual Communication.


"We are very happy with this recognition which has proven very difficult to achieve. This distinction is a reward for our rigorous work, our constant investment in innovation and, finally, our vision of the importance of design, thinking and colour design in our product development. This award distinguishes and recognizes intrinsic elements of the CIN brand: quality, rigour, innovation and excellence in product supply and, of course, the desire to always work with the best ", commented Céline de Azevedo, creator and project manager at CIN. “It’s a prize for all the team involved in this project, whether internal or external to our company. It should be noted that the ”Color Revelation”  Trends project is a positive example of an Iberian project developed in tune with two brands - CIN and CIN Valentine - and which has now been in progress for several years. Today, we would like to congratulate our design agency Extra! who were able to perfectly portray and communicate the Colour Revelation project, in the way that we had developed, delineated and intended it”, concluded CIN's Colour Designer.


Lastly, it should be noted that, in addition to the "Laus de Ouro" Prize and its trophy, the CIN Colour Revelation project is part of the Barcelona Design Museum’s heritage fund.


If you still haven’t visited the website, the 2018 colours and their videos, please do so here: www.colorrevelation.com

The Laus Prize jury evaluates the projects using 5 different assessment criteria:

Conceptual quality: Projects should be based on good concepts. Intelligence and ingenuity in the ability to convey messages through visual language are highly valued.

Formal quality: The Laus ADG Awards select formal representations that are high quality, surprising or highly relevant in developing the content they convey. The jury values the solidity and innovative spirit of aesthetic ideas that rise above the rest.

Functionality: The jury also measures the usefulness of the projects presented, functional aspects of the pieces, as well as the quality achieved in accomplishing the stated objectives.

Excellence: This criterion refers to pieces that are well executed anddemonstrate consistency, attention to detail and quality in presentation. The Laus Awards are the barometer of good professional practice, distinguishing projects that are merely good from those that are excellent.

Contribution: The Laus prizes distinguish innovative projects for their conceptual and/or formal qualities. Parts that contribute to its methodology, purpose, sense of communication and message are valued. Format and visual resolution are also praised.