• 17.07.2018
  • Lisboa, Portugal
    Lisboa, Portugal

CIN supports Lisbon 2018 AIC conference

The largest scientific event on colour ever held in Portugal

  • CIN supports Lisbon 2018 AIC conference

CIN, the leading Portuguese brand in the Portuguese paints and varnishes market, has been closely associated with colour throughout its history, identity and activity, which is why it has naturally joined the AIC international conference as its main sponsor.


AIC - the International Colour Association - was founded more than 50 years ago in the United States and has 26-member countries, making it the most prestigious body in the area of knowledge and promotion of colour worldwide.


This year, APCor (the Portuguese Colour Association), an active member of AIC, is the organizer of the annual conference that is part of the most important meeting in this field of knowledge.


Between September 25 and 29, 2018, at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, and under the theme "Colour and human comfort", the AIC Lisbon Conference aims to bring to Portugal what is most current in terms of discussion and promotion of the phenomenon of colour in all its different aspects. The selected theme focuses reflecting on a relevant set of transdisciplinary areas of several fields of knowledge, by addressing the following subtopics: Colour in the Built Environment; Colour and Landscape; Colour in Arts and Design; Colour and Lighting; Colour and Culture; Colour and Psychology; Colour and Physiology; Colour and Health; Colorimetry; Digital Colour.


"As a benchmark in this area, our support for the annual AIC conference, which is taking place for the first time in Portugal, was never in doubt. Throughout its century-long history, CIN has always followed the latest advances in colour developments, such as pioneering the introduction of innovative processes for instant ink production in the early 1990s. In addition, the brand has always focused on the creation and availability of highly innovative colour tools,” explains Céline de Azevedo, CIN's Colour Designer.


"CIN has always created synergies with the academic world, the research universe, promoting training and partnerships, transferring knowledge and encouraging innovation and applied research projects. Today, we have 7 Research and Development Centres (R & D) with 140 specialised technicians. Our colorimetry department in Portugal is one of the most advanced in Europe, with a top team for the creation, formulation and control of colour. In addition, we believe that the creation and knowledge of colour are inseparable from our way of designing colours and that is why we have been a specialist in colour design for more than 13 years. All of this makes the difference. We have continuously sought innovation at all levels to improve processes, anticipate market needs and ensure the success of our products throughout more than 40 countries,” stated Marcos Castro, Marketing Director of CIN.