• 17.09.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal


CIN’s innovation in anticorrosion protection covers bridges, viaducts and concrete tanks in maritime environments

  • C-CRYL W690 FLEX

  • We highlight the anti-carbonation and impermeability properties to chloride ion in accordance with the demanding specification LNEC E468


CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, continues to invest in developing innovative solutions in protective coatings and now presents C-CRYL W690 FLEX, a new acrylic water-based product that comes to reinforce the range of products dedicated to protecting structural concrete elements which feature in bridges, viaducts and exterior of tanks.

C-CRYL W690 FLEX is an excellent technical solution for the protection of concrete structures in maritime environment due to its outstanding concrete anti-carbonation properties: high impermeability to carbon dioxide and liquid water, as well as high permeability to water vapour, at the same time complying with the demanding specification LNEC E468, presenting high impermeability to chloride ion.

C-CRYL W690 FLEX is highly resistant to concrete cracking, which results in an excellent crack bridging capacity, even at negative temperatures. This ensures protection during the useful lifespan of the structures.   

 “At a time when so much is being said about the importance of maintaining concrete infrastructures in order to block the corrosion caused by carbonation or chlorides, the new C-CRYL W690 FLEX is an example of how innovations developed by CIN can make a difference in the lives of cities and people,” reiterates João Luís Serrenho, General Manager of the CIN Protective Coatings business unit. “CIN has surpassed the decorative finishes a long time ago. C-CRYL W690 FLEX is a clear example of how the solutions and innovations we work on daily are relevant in any part of the world.