• 25.07.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN Slate and Magnetic Effects Paints rebranded

New image, new capacity, same formula!

  • CIN Slate and Magnetic Effects Paints rebranded

With a focus on the presentation of its products, CIN, the Iberian leader in the coatings market, has rebranded its Effects paints.

The Slate Effect paint is a water-based black matte that simulates the appearance of slate, creating a surface for drawing with chalk which can easily be wiped with a damp cloth. Meanwhile the Magnetic Effect paint is also a water-based paint that creates a magnetic effect, producing a surface that can be used for magnets and that can be repainted with a finishing coat in the desired colour. Easy to apply and odourless, CIN Effects paints are ideal for providing more creative areas in children's bedrooms, in kitchens or in children's play areas.

The upgraded Slate Effect and Magnetic Effect paint packaging reflects the development of a new image of the range, aligned with the positioning and performance of this product line. The latest aesthetic composition of the labels highlights the product name with greater emphasis, underlines the main features of the paint and provides a suggestion of its final effect, on the front packaging. 

"The new image of CIN Effects paints enables us to communicate the range of product application more directly. We believe this packaging review makes it simpler for the consumer to understand the purpose of each of the paints, thus increasing the demand for this type of innovative and original solution” says Marcos Castro, CIN’s Marketing Director.

Keeping the same product formulation, but now with new branding, CIN has also updated its packaging capacity to 0.75L.

The CIN Effects paints range, available at any of the 76 CIN stores or authorized dealers, renews its invitation to the imagination of both young and old!