• 02.08.2018
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN Launches Lasur Super HD

The latest CIN innovation for indoor and outdoor woods

  • CIN Launches Lasur Super HD

CIN, the Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the coatings market, has launched its latest innovation in decorative acrylic indoor and outdoor wood lacquers: Lasur Super HD.


This new CIN product is a coating that offers deep protection to wood, ensuring protection for up to 10 years, maximum resistance to atmospheric agents and easy maintenance of the treated areas.


The rapid drying and considerable reduction in environmental impact are distinctive features that complement the UVPlus technology used in the development of this new brand. This technology renders the wood highly resistant, protecting and prolonging its natural appearance.


CIN's new Lasur Super HD produces a fine, yet flexible film, that responds to the natural movement of the wood, making the treated area simultaneously moisture-resistant and waterproof. It also prevents the formation of moulds and the early ageing of the wood, making it the ideal solution for maximum protection of indoor and outdoor woods.


Intended for professionals and individual customers, Lasur Super HD is available in a satin finish in 11 colours in all 76 CIN stores or official dealers.