• 06.04.2017
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

Aquastop products with a new image

Rebranding reinforces top end of the range

Aquastop, CIN’s range of products aimed at healthier buildings, is presenting a new renewed image, which is more appealing and which has greater impact at points of sale.
The objective of this rebranding is to target the range at professionals by reinforcing the superior quality of the products.
The new logo transmits a more professional image inspiring greater trust, displaying a shield that calls to mind the essential function of the Aquastop range - strength, sturdiness and protection - which is reinforced by the umbrella.

The brand also has a new slogan:
“Protection against humidity”.
A slogan with a simple clear and direct message referring to the main function of this range – protection against humidity.
The renewal of this image also extends to its packaging, reinforcing the superior quality of the positioning of these products, by highlighting the logo, the product name and the pictogram that clearly identifies the surfaces on which the product should be applied.

CIN's range of Aquastop products was introduced in 2010 and was developed to effectively combat humidity in different materials and surfaces.
Throughout these seven years, consumers have shown trust in and loyalty to the brand, recognizing the quality of the range, which has been reflected in a continual increase in the sales volume of Aquastop products.

With a prominent place in the market, the brand felt the need to develop, and is now presenting an up-to-date and renewed image which seeks to contribute to reinforcing brand awareness, thus enhancing the increase in sales volume and customer loyalty to the Aquastop range and to the CIN brand.

Aquastop is a range of products by CIN, the leading Iberian brand in the paint and varnish market, ideal for making buildings healthier, as it responds to specific situations such as the porosity of materials, surface discontinuity and capillary rise, preventing water from penetrating into the materials and slowly weathering them until their total deterioration.
Aquastop, by CIN, avoids the degradation responsible for the formation of saltpetre and mould, as well as the increase in humidity levels which may be responsible for the emergence of diseases such as allergies and other respiratory problems.