• 15.01.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN-k provides dark colours to cover ETICS with Thermal Reflective Technology

It is now possible to safely choose colour to cover thermal insulation

  • CIN-k provides dark colours to cover ETICS with Thermal Reflective Technology

CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, has just launched a new dark colour palette with Thermal Reflective Technology.

Over the last 15 years, it has become common to use external thermal insulation systems in façades, a method called ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite System). However, only a limited range of dark colours could cover ETICS, due to the temperatures the façade is subjected to, the solar radiation exposure, which can reach temperatures of over 70ºC, and the resulting early decay of the coating and/or surface cracking. 

In order to tackle this limitation, and given the constant demand from architects, builders and consumers, CIN is now providing, in their insulation system – CIN-k – a dark colour palette with Thermal Reflective Technology in the thick coatings - Carso 1 and Eralit -, standard TSR > 30% compliant.

These colours are the result of a rigorous study on the composition of special pigments and dyes, carried out by CIN’s Centre for Research and Development, with the goal of safely offering dark tones to cover thermal insulation.

What is CIN's Thermal Reflective Technology colour?


The main characteristic of a colour with Thermal Reflective Technology is the fact that it is highly capable of reflecting solar radiation (Total Solar Reflectance – TSR). The TSR value enables us to quantify the way in which the surface heats when exposed to the sun. A higher TSR value means that the surface reflects a higher percentage of solar energy, i.e., it heats less when exposed to the sun. This prevents the coating from reaching high temperatures, thus avoiding the deterioration of the EPS - the thermal insulator most frequently used in ETICS. 

CIN-k's Thermal Reflective Technology gives the consumers freedom to choose the colour to apply over ETICS for their façade, since it is now possible to have the advantage of a greater solar energy reflection without being limited to light colours. CIN has been strongly focused on the technological development and innovation, in order to meet the needs of its clients and prescribers, as well as the construction market. From the 165 colours in CIN's Façade Catalogue, there are now 158 colours available to apply over exterior thermal insulation of façades.