• 31.01.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

Cinoxano Mineral, recognized by LNEC for the rehabilitation of old buildings

CIN's future technology coupled with the respect for the past

  • Cinoxano Mineral, recognized by LNEC for the rehabilitation of old buildings

CIN, the Iberian leading Portuguese brand in the coatings market, saw its painting solution CINOXANO MINERAL recognized by the National Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC) as particularly adequate to the rehabilitation of old buildings.


Studies carried out by LNEC compared the characteristics of a painting scheme based on a polysiloxane - Cinoxano Mineral - with a variety of different painting schemes, and concluded that it is suitable for application in rehabilitation and conservation works for old buildings.  The results show that Cinoxano Mineral is compatible with old brickwork, considered a highly porous and potentially humid surface, and its performance and durability characteristics are very close to the acrylic paints and superior to the silicate paints and whitewash analysed.

“Always searching for technologically intelligent solutions, CIN has endeavoured to develop a more advanced protection for façades in old buildings. The results reached by LNEC prove the durability and efficiency of Cinoxano Mineral, which was also developed to achieve longer maintenance cycles and greater resource savings”, explains Marcos Castro, Marketing Director at CIN. “When it comes to old buildings, CIN always tries to ensure the respect for the construction’s memory, without losing sight of the quality of life and comfort of new constructions”, he concludes.

Cinoxano Mineral is a high-quality water based paint with a mineral touch that protects façades. It is polysiloxane modified resin based and it is specially recommended for old buildings in which the plaster requires the use of paint which is highly permeable to water vapour and allows the evaporation of moisture on the inside of the walls. On the other hand, it is also a highly repellent paint, avoiding rainwater penetration and hindering the development of fungi and algae, protecting and prolonging the façades. These characteristics make it specially recommended to the rehabilitation of historical buildings, combining CIN technology with the respect for the edified heritage characteristics.

Cinoxano Mineral is available in a range of highly resistant colours, since it is exclusively formulated with inorganic dyes.