• 21.02.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

C-THERM S100 and C-THERM S101 FD

New generation of CIN products for passive fire protection

  • C-THERM S100 and C-THERM S101 FD

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CIN, a Portuguese brand and Iberian leader in the coatings market, continues to invest in developing innovative Protective Coatings solutions and presents the new generation of passive fire protection products from the C-THERM range.


The C-THERM S100 and C-THERM S101 FD products are the result of more than 20 years’ experience with intumescents and are the most competitive solutions on the market for 90-minute fire resistance (R90) for open profiles. With very fast drying times, the C-THERM S100 and C-THERM S101 FD products secure the passive fire protection of metal structures, with low values ​​of dry film thickness.


The new C-THERM products are solvent-based intumescent coatings with a high solids content by volume, and easy to apply.


CIN’s Protective Coatings Business Unit includes coatings for protection of assets and structures used in various sectors, such as petrochemicals mining, energy or civil infrastructure. Its four major lines of coating solutions - Protective coatings, Passive Fire Protection, Protection of Concrete Structures and Floors - have been selected for major public and private works in Europe, Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

With production in Portugal and Spain, and representing 11% of the company's overall business in 2018, this CIN Business Unit is pursuing a strategy based on opening its own operations and establishing local partnerships, with the aim of establishing the brand in the global market and expanding its physical presence in strategic markets.