• 21.03.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

International Colour Day: New Blush is the favourite colour of the Portuguese

To mark the date, CIN created the “Colour Championship”

  • International Colour Day: New Blush is the favourite colour of the Portuguese

To mark the International Colour Day celebrated on March 21st, CIN launched a Colour Championship inviting the Portuguese people to elect their favourite CIN colour. The challenge was launched in the brand's profile on Instagram with the vote carried out through the histories. There, the followers could show their preferences and help colour the day's celebrations.

The Portuguese voted and chose #E690 New Blush as their favourite colour. This was the result of an election which, between March 12th and 21st, brought some of CIN’s Colour Revelation catalogue Tendencies collections colours into a duel. The elected colour, #E690 New Blush, is an ultra-light pastel tone with a special touch of rose and orange integrating the Red Revelation Range, and reveals the participants’ preference for soft and feminine tones, in line with the current decor tendencies.

“CIN is synonym of colour and one of our plans is to create colours that enchant, evoke sensations and create atmospheres, and so we make a point of marking the International Colour Day every year, as this day very clearly expresses this potential”, explains Marcos Castro, CIN’s Marketing Director. “The disputed way in which this voting occurred confirms that CIN’s vast colour offer serves various tastes and personalities. However, the election of #E690 New Blush is a choice that does not surprise us, since it is one of the most successful selling colours in the Tendencies collection”, he concludes.

For 19 consecutive years CIN launches colour tendencies and the ChromaGuide catalogue with 1650 colours, already a national reference. To promote the consumer’s choice capacity, as happened with this “Colour Championship”, is also the motto of the service “Paint before you paint”. This service provides a set of tools that help you choose your colour (catalogues, TESTiT’s - 250ml samples of paint to test colour in small areas – the Take Home Chips - cards with real paint applied –, the App COLORiT – which allows you to take a photograph and identify the closest CIN colour - among other features).

CIN, the Iberian leading Portuguese brand in the coatings market, is present in various international markets and is an unavoidable reference in the Architectural Coatings, Industrial Coatings and Protective Coatings markets.