• 05.06.2019
  • Maia, Portugal
    Maia, Portugal

CIN supports residue recycling and management

For a healthier, greener and safer environment

  • CIN supports residue recycling and management

CIN, the Iberian leader Portuguese brand in the coatings market, is helping to promote an efficient and environmentally responsible management of paint waste and packaging residues, by disclosing a good practice guide launched by the Portuguese Paint Association (APT). They were published in a leaflet developed by APT, of which CIN is an associate, in order to bring awareness to the consumers as to an ecologically responsible use of the sector's products, with a view to reducing residues. In this regard, 4 recycling and residue management rules supported by CIN include buying well, reusing better, recycling and eliminating the package and paint residues.

“Concerned about the future of the environment and the wellbeing of staff, clients, suppliers and the community in general, CIN is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its activity and, simultaneously, to providing more efficient products up to the generation of waste, ensuring a more sustainable future”, contextualizes Marcos Castro, Marketing Director at CIN. “As prevention is a European priority with regards to the reduction and management of residues generated in this sector, CIN considers that it is fundamental to inform users and encourage responsible behaviours, a great part of which can be easily adopted,” he concludes.

At the forefront of innovation and the most advanced technological solutions, CIN brings to the market eco-efficient products, of a high quality and low environmental impact. This is why the coatings marketed by CIN not only satisfy the legal requirements established - such as the dangerous substances and solvent content - but they also tend to have a sustainable use, for example providing a better thermal comfort or promoting solar reflexion, thus reducing the energy consumed and contributing to a greater respect for the environment and carbon footprint reduction.

The prevention and control of the environmental impact is CIN’s concern in all areas of its activity, and is materialized over the years by operational practices looking to improve its eco-efficiency. Moreover, this commitment has resulted in the establishment of an environmental policy and subsequent implementation of a certified Environmental Management system (ISO 14001 Regulation). In addition, CIN’s packaging has the symbol of Sociedade Ponto Verde, representing the brand’s contribution to the effort developed by this recycling entity, as well as showing users the possibility of recycling its products.